Pedro’s Crate on URY - Episode 5 - Bossa

My apologies for having been absent for so long.

To make up for my negligence, have a listen to last Wednesday’s show on URY, where focus is shifted towards Bossa-Nova and other flavours of Brazilian music.

Baden Powell, way back when

Phonophanatic & present - BoxBeats Vol. 3

Have you heard about BoxBeats?

Well now you have. It’s a compilation of beats from various artists from around the world, including the Netherlands, Israel, Brazil and a few others. Definitely worth a listen, some of these tracks really make you nod your head.

Monster Rally - Return To Paradise

You know that feeling when you wait for an album for a long time, and when it drops it just goes way beyond your expectations?

Well I hope you do.

Monster Rally's latest album, Return To Paradise, has given me precisely this feeling. It’s absolutely stunning. The sample work, the breaks, the melodies. Everything works so well.
Some tracks actually got me reminiscing about the good ol’ days of Tipsy and their electronic soundscapes.

So don’t even think about it, dive right in to this smooth, smooth album.

Pedros Crate - Season 1 Episode 3 - Beats

Last night I had York-based Handbook come down to the studio for a little interview and music trading.
He came down with some tracks from his recent album Appendices as well with some of his current favourites, like wonder-duo Sango x Waldo, established beatmaker JMSN and even a track from Lafayette Stokely, who had some of his tracks from his upcoming album produced by Handbook himself.

Tune in and have a listen to what he’s got to say.

Kubrick, Nicholson

Pedros Crate on URY - Season 1 Episode 2 - Grooves

Last Wednesday I got together with yet another Pedro and starting cooking up this show, that now comes to you in the form of this podcast.
There’s a bunch of rap and hip-hop, and plenty of new music that has just been released.

Next week, we’ll have Handbook with us!

New York, present time

HouseShoes - King James Version (Chapter One, Verses 1-5)

Michael ‘HouseShoes' Buchanan, named Detroit's Hip-Hop Ambassador to the World earlier this year, has just re-released this compilation of J 'King James' Dilla's sources. It first came out back in 2009, but it still feels as fresh as always. We all know Dilla's sample-library was probably as dense as the Sun's core, but this is something else.

A journey through Dilla’s mind and taste, compiled by one the hip-hop DJs who possibly knew him best.

It’s too good to miss, so listen and download it if you feel like it, it’s free!

Chicago, present time

mndsgn - Frugal Earth

I’ve been a follower of mndsgn for quite a while. So far, this has been my favourite release of his, dropped in April of this year.
Some moments on this mixtape really induce a feeling of ease on you.

Try it.

Pedro’s Crate on URY - Series One, Episode One

Last night was the first broadcast of Pedro’s Crate, the show I’m doing on University Radio of York this year. It will be touching on mainly hip-hop, funk, soul and similar rhythms.
All feedback is much appreciated, so do send it my way.

Bowls - The Token Jazz Hour

I’m really feeling this one. Nashville’s Bowls has just joined SoundCloud, and his first upload looks like it’ll be in the spotlight for a while.
It’s a 60-minute long jazz mix of over 50 original jazz tracks sampled by one of the demigods of hip-hop/electronica, Mr. James ‘Dilla’ Yancey, commonly referred to as J Dilla. It’s just brilliant, and a wonderful way to wrap up your day. Dilla was not only a skilled sampler, he had proper good taste.
Press play and be sure to follow Bowls on SoundCloud, I have a feeling we’re in for some surprises.

L Orange - The City Under The City

It’s finally out. After releasing an album teaser about a month ago, and also an official video for Smoke Rings, L’Orange has finally dropped his collab album with Stik Figa, The City Under The City.

Of course the typical nay-sayers will be arguing that a rapper will take attention from the solid beats that we’ve grown used to coming from L’Orange — you know, like his critically acclaimed Old Soul — but those people don’t move music forward. An artist needs freedom to do what he feels.

I feel like Stik Figa does a great job rapping on these melancholic, mysterious and sometimes dark beats, and deserves respect for that.

I haven’t decided which tracks I like best on this release, but Decorated Silence, One Of Them and After All get a special mention for now.

Knxwledge - choppas[TWRK]

I swear I could have a blog where I’d only post Knxwledge releases. He puts out beats like Foxconn puts out iPhones. Remember my last post a few days ago about his new album, Kauliflowr? Well that hasn’t even been released, and he puts out another EP just to keep us busy while we wait.

Watch him flip Rick Ross and a few others in WrapTaypes.Prt.6. Absolutely insane.